A US film team is shooting an online documentary in Augsburg. It’s about the use of robotics in healthcare.

The American filmmaker and CEO of a US medical device company, Joe Mullings, is currently filming in Augsburg and is collecting material for his documentary “Truefuture”. The film, which is expected to be shown on the Vimeo video platform and on LinkedIn from autumn, is about the technology in the medical device industry, the people behind it, the places and cultures and their influence in different geographic regions.

The Kuka employees are the focus of “Truefuture”

The focus is on the influence of robotics on healthcare. In Augsburg, therefore, the film was shot at the robot manufacturer Kuka and at various locations in the city. In addition to the Kuka technologies, the focus was also on the employees and thus the developers of the robotics products. Other locations for the series are companies and locations on the US west and east coasts. (nest)


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