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Episode 1 | “Israel Past and Future”  

Joe & the Dragonfly Stories crew arrive in Israel to uncover the healthtech and innovation that has coined Israel as the Start-Up Nation. First stop: the government-financed technology incubator, MEDX Ventures, where CEO Shai Policker introduces Joe to his family of techpreneurs. Among them is the inventor of a device that generates temperature-less, high-energy gas designed to destroy cancerous tumors without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

Episode 2 | “Beyond The Wall” 

In addition to the careful preservation of its cultural heritage, this nation of eight million people has made a commitment to the future – technology. Joe visits Professor Moshe Shoham, CTO of Mazor Robotics and a founding father of Israel’s robust medical robotics industry, to discuss whether humans are ready to be cared for by robots.

Episode 3 | “All About The Child”

 Israel’s DIY spirit is embodied in the Alyn Hospital for physically challenged children, which houses its own lab where medical devices are made in real-time for its young patients’ needs. Dr. Maurit Beeri shares with Joe how the nation’s deeply ingrained ethnic and religious conflicts stop at the front door. Once inside the hospital, Jews, Arabs and Christians have a singular focus: a child’s health.

Episode 4 | Israel’s Augmented Realities”

Which is the true Israel? Is it a Western-style, technologically advanced nation increasingly defined by its liberal, even secular youth, or is it a country of ancient cultural and religious traditions? Joe searches for the answer by day in Jerusalem’s Old Market and by night in Tel Aviv’s bustling cafe society.

Episode 5 | “Robots In Your Brain”

Microbot Medical is a company that has graduated from MEDX, Israel’s leading healthtech incubator. Its miniaturized robotic medical devices are now being implanted in patients’ brains to prevent recurring surgeries. Joe tours the company with chairman Harel Gadot and CTO Simon Sharon to see first-hand how a robot can fit on the tip of your finger.

Episode 6 | “Digital Femme”

In a country where Orthodox Jewish women are still expected to stay at home, Israel also boasts a surprising number of female techpreneurs. Joe hears about what it’s like being a woman in Israel’s booming tech sector from venture capitalist Michal Geva, co-founder and managing partner of Triventures, and inventor Anat Amibar, who is developing a smart-phone app for digital eye examinations.

Episode 7 | “Vocalizing Your Health”

Imagine your voice being used to analyze and monitor your health. Israeli serial entrepreneur Tal Wenderow – who recently sold his cardiovascular robotics platform company Corindus to Siemens for $1.1 billion – is rapidly developing a software app that can do that just. Call it voice AI. Coming soon to your virtual personal assistant: “Siri, how’s my cardio health today?”

Episode 8 | “Dr. X-ray Will See You Now”

Israel is also known as Start-Up Nation – a nod to its role as a major player in developing high-tech innovations. However, the market for the nation’s ingenuity is not domestic but in fact, the U.S. and Europe – whose economies dwarf the tiny nation’s. In the final episode of Season 4, Joe goes one-on-one about the future of Israeli healthtech with Harel Gadot, whose medical diagnostics company, XACT Robotics, promises to offer one of the world’s fully autonomous robotics surgical procedures.

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Joe Mullings is the Host & Producer of the hit online TV docu-series “TrueFuture” TV. A tech industry influential, he’s been a headhunter in the medtech space for over 3 decades. On “TrueFuture,” he connects viewers with people, places, cultures and tech across the world to expand their horizons on how they look at technology, current events, careers and more.

He founded and is Chairman & CEO of The Mullings Group, the world’s leading search firm in the medical device industry. The Mullings Group is responsible for more than 7000 successful searches with more than 600 companies in the medical device industry. His clients are multi-billion-dollar companies like Johnson & Johnson, Google, Medtronic, Abbott, and Siemens, as well as the emerging startup companies that are bringing the futuristic technologies like surgical robotics, tele-robotics, artificial intelligence and Deep Learning to the market. 

He was recently appointed Chief Visionary Officer of MRI Networks, the 3rd largest executive recruitment firm with 400 offices worldwide.  He is also President & CEO of Dragonfly Stories, which is the production company behind the docu-series, “TrueFuture” of which he is the host and producer.  Joe is also the founder of the media platform of TMGPulse, a medtech news and opinion website. Joe has an engineering degree from The University of Dayton Ohio.

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