“TrueFuture” Online TV Docu-Series – Exploring People, Places and Technology –

Launches 4th Season with Focus on Israel’s Booming Tech Sector

Host-Producer-Entrepreneur Joe Mullings Reveals How Robotics and the Wailing Wall Seamlessly Co-Exist in a Seemingly Timeless Environment in 8 All New Episodes


DELRAY BEACH, FL | Oct. 22, 2020 – “TrueFuture” – the online TV docu-series exploring people, places and technology – unveiled its 4th season today with a special series focused on the rapidly evolving health tech industry in Israel. Hosted by entrepreneur and tech influential Joe Mullings, the series takes viewers behind the scenes to meet global innovators whose technology promises to change the world. The first of eight episodes of the 4th season will be available on Oct. 22 for free at TrueFuture.tv.

“Most of us have lots of preconceived ideas of Israel, and so did I. What I found was a nation on the cutting edge of medtech, healthtech, robotics and artificial intelligence. At the same time, the timeless culture of Israel permeates every aspect of society there – including the technology industry. The country competes on the world stage of technological innovation but in a way distinctly its own,” says Mullings.

In the fourth season of “TrueFuture” we meet a wide range of techpreneurs, from those at a children’s hospital who have created their own R&D lab to build customized medical devices for their pint-sized patients, to an American-educated tech mogul whose start-up incubator promises to reimagine cancer therapy. Along the way, Joe introduces us to some of those who create the unique fabric of Israel, from shopkeepers to thought leaders.

“We think of technology as a worldwide phenomenon that is uniform. But what we’ve found in filming ‘TrueFuture’ – both in previous seasons and now in the fourth season’s focus on Israel – is that local culture influences how technology is created in profound ways. Like with food, art, fashion or religion, technology reflects the people who are making it – their history, beliefs, conflicts and aspirations. Simply put, technology develops in response to local needs,” says Mullings.

New episodes for the series will become available every two weeks beginning Oct. 22nd. During the alternate weeks, additional background footage from each preceding episode will be made available.

“TrueFuture” is a production of The Mullings Group and Dragonfly Stories – Joe Mullings, founder-CEO.


For a complete media kit, including a list of upcoming episodes, please visit: https://truefuture.tv/press/.

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